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  • our growing family
    our growing family
  • Mothers Day at Healesville
    Mothers Day at Healesville
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    Proud Grandma
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    photo op at the Vatican
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    Ian & Arthur

Callen Cricket began as Ian Callen Sports in 1981. Ian sold that business in 1985 to concentrate on making a range of three bats, the MX, the K-IX and the Aussie Boomah. 

Callen Cricket has gone through many phases over the 35 years Ian has been making his bats. 

With the help of his father Lloyd and mother Norma on the farm at Rhyll Phillip Island the first Callen workshop was established in converted dairy shed. Much of the Machinery was made up by Lloyd which Ian still uses today. 

Today Ian and his wife Susan manage Callen Cricket and the sustainable renewable and socio-economic  Willow Blue Cricket Forestry industry that is now supplying English Willow to Bat Makers Nationally and Internationally. 

Why a Callen?

What sets a Callen Cricket Blue a part from the rest is that they are all hand crafted from the finest English Willow from stock selected for its playing and rebound qualities by A.C. MacLaren the greatest batsman of his time who once held of the highest First Class score 424. 

This timber is now grown by Willow Blue Cricket Forestry in Australia by Ian Callen.

MacLaren sourced this timber in 1902 and posted it to Australia Test Umpire Bob Crockett. The Crocketts planted the cuttings and made cricket bats in Yarraville Victoria until 1968. 

Ian Callen founded Willow Blue and begn re-establishing the MacLaren progeny in 1990 and now has 3 mature plantations producing cricket bat willow. 

Since the early 1900's Australian Test Players had been using bats made from MacLaren Stock until the Plantation was felled in 1956. 

"In my 35 years of making crickets I have found Willow Blue timber to have amazing resilience, density and strength that provides superior rebound qualities." 

Ian Callen

When purchasing a hand crafted Callen Cricket Bat you will not be paying; Import duty, freight, shipping charges, handling fees, currency fluctuations,

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