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We're all here for the game of cricket... or are we?

Posted on 3 May, 2017 at 2:25


We’ve all heard the words before and these days they’re passed around by anyone and everyone trying to benefit from or to push an agenda.

It seems the game is being shoved, pushed and screwed as if it were a towel waterlogged with money.

This has been allowed to happen because District Clubs (Crickets Regional Custodians and their Associates) now referred to as Premier Community Cricket Clubs (PCCs) have been rather negligent, not paying attention and have placed too much trust in their governing bodies.

They have taken little notice as various administrative factions (Types) have been introduced and like ants... they have been allowed to work day by day unchecked and have manovered themselves into a position were they can take the control of the game.

Transparency is non existant these days as the "Types" work secretly behind the scenes, undermining a system that was working well, a system developed by cricketers for cricketers, over the ages and which produced world class performers.

How did we ever produce a cricketer in the "dark ages" they exclaim!

For the common person in the street, the paying customer, those who fill the cricket grounds wanting to see the best our cricket has to offer, sit oblivious to  the irregularities or murmurings at the heart of the game... as are those who compete at the highest levels of Grade Cricket hoping for higher honours.  This could also be said for the participating under age aspirant in the Pathway Programs. None of them have any idea what is being thrown at the game by the various "Types" most of whom seek a "Badge of Honour”.

These "Types" are out of control and change must be made... but have PCC committees sort advice from those they represent and are they instructing the Delegates accordingly? 

For example have the following PCC's:

Ringwood, Dandenong, South Melbourne Casey, Frankston Pen, Camberwell Magpies or Geelong informed their players of what is unfolding behind the scenes at Cricket Victoria or have they received a favour in some way? Would they deny their playing group? Have they consulted them? Have they explained how important the Delegate vote is to the aspirations of the playing group and will that Delegate vote represent them or will it be cast for undisclosed favours?

If you are associated to one of those playing groups and it is your dream or hope to play higher levels of cricket or if you know of someone like this then you need to tell others. Be diligent tell others in your club, your friends and team mates. Share this blog, let your feeling be known to your club and supporters... NOW is the time, not later, it must be Now!!

It is so important for you all and for future Victorian cricketers?

If your club has not explained the issues or why the majority of clubs and Associates are seeking to remove the current Cricket Victoria Board and CEO... then the club has failed its duty to you a pathway participant and to the game.

Why?  the following is a good example:

Young trusting lads put their faith in the hand of Clubs all over our country, hoping that those in charge provide quality mentors who’ll coach, manage and guide them.

What a huge responsibility this is... but who are they? What are their qualifications and what are the qualifications of those who engaged them?

Just recently in my home state of Victoria, the governing body ran an “Under 18 State Championship” for aspiring lads as part of the pathway program.

What a debacle it turned out to be.

Prior to the competition the Cricket Victoria Pathway Championship Coordinator was told by various long time servants of the game that his design for the “Championship” was flawed. It was explained that under his system a team might very well win all 4 games but fail to qualify for the Semi finals.

Of course this "Type" knew better than anyone and ignored the advice, proceeded unchecked and guess what??


You can guess it… It was “Northern Rivers” a strong and very proud cricketing region who played four and won four only to miss out on a berth in the finals. These kids, their Clubs, their Associations and their parents were devastated and demoralized. They did not deserve this insult, Tony Dodemaide!

But it doesn’t end there… one of the teams Northern Rivers defeated was able to qualify above them? 

This is the way of the Cricket Victoria CEO and Board under Russell Thomas.

We do not need “Badge of Honour” Types who refuse to listen and who run about unchecked, willing to spend money that should be used to for the betterment of cricket in our state.

Last year Russell Thomas and his Board spent a staggering 4 Million Dollars ($85,000 per week) on Consultants.

It is hoped that all PCC's and Associates can come together under Geoff Collinson from the "Footscray Edgewater Cricket Club" at a meeting coming up very soon and secure our crickets future.

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Reply Shaun
9:38 on 5 May, 2017 
I'd worry less about this and more about what CV and CA are trying to do to junior formats! That's a much bigger issue! Time to start looking at Mr Dodemaide for his support of junior formats that's the real future problem!