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The Day Victorian Cricket Fought Back

Posted on 17 June, 2017 at 0:15

Premier Cricket Coaches have been discussing their concerns for Victorian Cricket with Club Officials for years. I know I was one of them and I have no doubt that these concerns were passed on. But nothing changed... it just got worse!

The concerns became problems and so the murmurings of disquiet began. Still nothing changed and so the rumblings started and got louder by the day at “Cricket House” in Jolimont Victoria.

And sitting around the table at Cricket Victoria is Chairman Russell Thomas, his Board and CEO Tony Dodemaide carrying on seemingly oblivious to the chorus of complaints that were being made against them.

I have often wondered how they could carry on... knowing they were being thought of as incompetent.

I suppose it all gets down to the ego's of those at the Board room table, for the Chairman, his Board and CEO knew very well that they no longer had the confidence of those they were elected to represent.

Did it matter to them? No, I don't think it did!

I am told they held onto power only because they offered secret deals and favours in return for voting support. However, that support disappeared last Thursday afternoon... the day Victorian Cricket "fought back!"

It happened about 5pm the 15th of June and the silence became deafening at "Cricket House" Jolimont when documents were lodged in accordance with the Consitution of Cricket Victoria and these pursuant to the Corporations Act contained resolutions to remove each member of the Board.

What sealed their fate, wasn’t the poor sponsorship and commercial deals they made, nor their poor communication skills, threats or bullying behaviour, not even the lack of concern shown for members… No, it is what I consider to be an attempted “Sting”, so slyly and cunningly perpetrated on unsuspecting stakeholders (Clubs, Players and Regions and Associations) called the “Breaking New Ground Stategy”.

From where this idea came, nobody knows as yet...  many say it is a Cricket Australia agenda. In any case it was designed to take control of the game of cricket in Victoria by disbursing the voting rights of “Shareholders” to all corners of the state.

Just imagine if the various cricketing regions were provided such favour, each voting against the other unable to find common ground and a Board with the controlling votes… a "Carte blanche" to totally control our Victorian game of cricket.  

I am told  those on the Board were still pursuing this agenda up until Thursday afternoon, believing they had been victims of unwarranted criticism and so with their feelings badly hurt and tails between their legs, those still with connections with Premier Clubs ran to them asking for support.

Unbelievable even astonishing when you think about it... that is to ask members to condone and support their behaviour, when others are objecting... is this not asking Club Commitees to make themselves and their unsuspecting members "equally" complicate to the Deed?

In my opinion those behind the formulation of the “Breaking New Ground” concept and its presentation behaved in a manner that is... in all circumstances unacceptable under the "Trade Practices Law" and this is surely something all Cricket employees, Associates and Premier Club Committees should think long and hard about between now and the Cricket Victoria AGM in August... when it might be necessary for your club Delegate to stand up and vote for Victorian Cricket and its future.

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