Callen Cricket Pty Ltd
Founders of the Willow Blue Cricket Forestry Project

"out hitting the competition"


If you have ever wanted to hand craft Cricket Bats... this is your chance to become a Willow Blue Cricket Bat Maker.

We are looking for interested cricket people in the Sydney Metro area, Gold Coast and Darwin 

or from ICC Affiliate Cricket Countries to earn Willow Blue Bat Making Accreditation.



We have the raw material and the proven expertise to train you to be a highly skilled Bat Maker so that you will be in position to develop your very own cricket brand within your cricketing community. You will learn how to make and repair cricket bats totally by hand.

Australian trainees will complete the course at our Tarrawarra Farm near Healesville Victoria. The course duration is 5 days ..Mon -Fri.

For International Accreditation the course will be done on line by subscribing to our TV Channel. 

Full details of the course and all set up costs will be provided on application.

For further information please apply by completing the contact us form.


Our Goal : 

To Establish a Cricket Bat Industry in Southern Hemisphere and we have done that. Our Goal now is to grow this industry into new regions. Why import bats and label them when there is greater margin in having the skills to craft your own and service the needs of your cricket community . 

Background information:
Ian Callen former Australian and Victorian cricketer began researching the Australian cricket bat willow industry in 1976 whilst he was a Professional Cricketer at Northumberland with Yorkshire Cricketer & Bat Maker Peter Kippax. Ian completed his Bat Making apprenticeship under Master Craftsman Chris Farrant in England in 1985 and immediately began making bats under the Callen label.

In the late 80's there became a shortage of quality willow for bats.

To overcome this problem he planted 3000 trees in 1994 on what is now called the A. C. MacLaren Cricket Bat Willow Plantation as part of the Willow Blue Cricket Forestry Project.

In 2007 Ian began making bat and in  2010 he began marketing and promoting all his bats as a Willow Blue Cricket Forestry Product.

The feed back from Bat Makers and Cricketers was that the timber performs as well as English Willow and now they are saying it has better lasting qualities.

Willow Blue Australia has access to 6000 trees from 4 Plantations in Victoria and Tasmania and is selling setts to new growers each year.

There is a world shortage of cricket bat willow... the minimum supply for clefts makes it difficult and expensive for small operators - thus the major oversea's bat making companies have it sewn up... We want to change this, "LETS TAKE THEM ON".


Our first step was to interest farmers with suitable land to grow the bat willow as part of their farm plan... Achieved,
The second step was to successfully harvest and process the timber... Achieved.
The third step is to establish an outlet for our sustainable and renewable Willow Blue Raw Material... Achieved


If you have an interest in Cricket...Live in the Sydney Metro area or in any ICC Affiliate Region here is an opportunity for you to create your own small business or to supplement your income or superannuation. 

Our Aim:

To train a bat maker for each of the ICC affiliate Regions with the vision to provide a unique boutique service to local community cricket clubs and their members. 

Such a project would provide a highly skilled and accredited bat making network.

Each Bat Maker will be guaranteed supply, will have access to a bat making instruction manual and receive Willow Blue Accreditation.

All Raw Material will be available in component form allowing each Bat Maker to hand craft the finished product reducing set up cost.