"WillowBlue"... it's Australian for "English Willow" 


Where are your bats made?

All "bats" are made in Australia by Ian Callen at his Tarrawarra Workshop in Victoria's picturesque the Yarra Valley. He also nurtures, fells, splits, waxes, processes, and grades all the timber.  

How long will it take to get my bat?

All bats are despatched via Australia Post globally and delivery will take approximately 7 to 21 days depending on where you live.

What if my bat becomes damaged?

We do not guarantee bats if they are used against bowling machines. Hard core dimple balls will damage your bat (use a practice bat if wish to practice on a bowling machine).

Once your bat leaves our workshop it will only need to be played in. The more work you do the better it will play... this cannot be rushed. Do not under any circumstances have your bat pressed. Understanding the unique qualities of Willow Blue is crucial. Extra pressing ruin rebound qualities and will damage the splice and handle. 

Willow Blue is "English Willow" (Salix Alba Caerulea) and the progeny dates back to 1902. This means it retains the original characteristic of that

progeny, that other bat makers have not seen nor do they understand the unique qualities of the timber.

"Don't be mislead by the many self appointed experts who in most cases have most to say but know the least".   

You should also be aware of the way the game of cricket is played now. The cricket bat was not designed for the T/20 cricket style of play and we cannot be held responsible for damage related to shot selection or poorly executed technique.

We will inspect our bats if damage occurs. If in the unlikely event of it being a result of our workmanship then we will sincerely apologize repairing or replacing the bat.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free of charge.

What size bat is best for me?

Our sizes range from 6 to Senior.  A long handle or long blade and long handle can be requested.  See our sizing chart for a complete guide or contact Ian for assistance.

How long does it take to make a bat?

To be honest it takes 12 - 24 years.  A cricket bat is grown, not made.  If you have a good piece of timber and are able to fit a well made handle, you my still have a great bat. It only takes an hour or so to make a bat once the handle has been glued into place.

Do you sponsor players?

No, if we do not sponsor players it just adds to the cost of a bat and we do not feel customers should be paying for that.

How many international cricketers have used your bats over the years?

I have for one thing, Graham Yallop, Jeff Moss, Julian Weiner, Mike Whitney, Paul Reiffel, Colin "Funky" Miller, Dean Jones, Greg Matthews, Rodney Hogg, Phillip Hughes, Mohammad Aminul Islam (Bulbul).

What is Willow Blue Rebound Red and how do you grade the timber

Please see samples of our grading below. Willow Blue REBOUND RED  - is "Salix alba Caerulea" English Willow. Another name for English Willow is "Blue Willow" so because our willow is grown in the Southern Hemisphere with so many environmental and socio-economic benefits we wanted to put some distance between our product and that of our competitors. So we have turned the wording around and called it "Willow Blue".

What makes the best bats?

Everyone has an opinion and many who make or sticker them claim to have the best bats from the finest selected English Willow

As if any timber merchant would favour one bat maker over another. The fact is, most merchants can only guarantee 10% of any Shipment to be of first grade timber otherwise their would not be an industry. There will be at a minimum 4 different grades from a tree. The wider grain will be from a fast growing tree or the base of a tree and as you go up the trunk the grain narrows and we get different grades. So you can be certain... as a cricketer who must pay for his or her bat, you would be very lucky to find the timber that is made available to the elite or sponsored players...  so  because we do not sponsor players you can be sure of our quality.

But when it comes down to the "Aesthetics" of a bat... that is a personal choice? 



GRADE 1: 6 -12 straight grains mostly white with some colour no specks or blemishes and can come with some butterfly stain


GRADE 2: 6 - 12 straight grains with colour some specks or blemishes can come with Butterfly stain 


GRADE 3: 6 - 8 grains mostly colour with can come with butterfly or tiger stain



Please note: In this video a bowling machine is being used with quality 4 piece cricket balls and three bats from grade 1 - 3.