"WillowBlue"... it's Australian for "English Willow" 

About Us

Callen Cricket began in 1978. Ian Callen with the help of his Grandfather Ron, father Lloyd and mother Norma on a family farm at Rhyll, Phillip Island Victoria. The family converted an old Shearing Shed into a workshop and the Callen journey began. 

In 1985 the Willow Blue Cricket Forestry Project (The Project) began and in 1994 with the planting of first English Willow trees at Healesville in Victoria's scenic Yarra Valley.   

Callen Bats have been sold all over the world. In 1998 the manufacturing base was moved to Coimbatore India. Where Ian spent 3 years buying property, building a factory. The Machinery for that venture was designed by Ian and built by Lloyd. The factory produced its first bat in 2001 and we believe it is still in use today. 

The Project has 3 Plantations and with more and more trees reaching maturity Callen Cricket began training Bat Makers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Local Cricketers can now find a Bat Maker within their Communities to service their cricketing needs. You will find one near you.

Ian retired the Callen Bat on 15 December 2017 to concentrate on the further development of the industry. 

Today Ian and his wife Susan continue to manage Callen Cricket processing and supplying

Bat Makers here in Australia and the sub continent.

What makes a good Cricket Bat?

What sets a CRICKET BAT a part from the rest is the Density of the timber. This is what gives your bat its "Rebound and lasting qualities". 

As a Bat Maker with 40 years experience 

Ian Callen believes the finest English Willow in the world... is grown by Willow Blue in Australia. 

Willow Blue rootstock was selected was by A.C. MacLaren the greatest batsman of his time. Archie once held of the highest First Class score 424. 

Having sourced the Cricket Bat Willow Root Stock he posted it to Australia in 1902.

Today Callen Cricket is supplying "Willow Blue" English Willow to Accredited Bat Makers from MacLaren's original progeny.

Our next mission;  to reintroduce Willow Blue to the Test arena where it once was used by Australian Test Players. 

"I have found Willow Blue timber to have the most amazing qualities of resilience, density, strength and most importantly superior rebound." 

Ian Callen