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Posted on 18 August, 2017 at 21:10

For all of us worried about "grass roots cricket" here's something you might like to think about... is the game of "Cricket" headed to a "FIFA" type orgnisation?

James Sutherland recently called Cricket Australia (CA) the custodians of the game... "What an absolute load of Bull!"


It is those who have played... are playing or make up the membership of the cricket clubs around the Country who are the true "Custodians" of the game... and those at CA have lost sight of this!


The Truth is "Sutherland" is merely an employee of CA representing.. "the Custodianship" of the game. He was engaged by CA to make sure processes set up by the "Custodians" are being administer in Accordance with Memorandum of Articles (MoA).


The truth is, he and his Board are no longer representing the games Custodians... they now taken over, set the agenda, have become a law un-to-themselves and answerable to no one. The real Custodians no longer have a say and no mechanism to replace the Board when or if they are out of order as they have been during this pay dispute debacle... something that should never taken place in the first instance and certainly the media should never have been allowed to make such an issue of it.

It was handled disgracefully... because the State Bodies are now irrelevant and Wally Edwards and Co the architects.


Did Wally and cohorts ever take a good look at what you was being putting in place? Did they or any of the other Board members look at or consider the "Dominos Effect"... to see whether the system they were putting in place, protected the game, down to the fall of the last domino?


Obviously not!


No longer is the game represented by quality cricket people (I am talking about those with worldly cricket experience). You might argue that some have playing experience but they are restricted in so many other other areas.


Even the two Test playing Board members cannot be placed in that category.... The game needs a well balanced blend/mix?


How many have ever coached a premiership team or structured develop programs to teach proper skill  for clubs at park cricket from which youngsters can advance?

How many have been engaged at club level overseeing all the problems being faced by the game? How many have cricket ideas or are visionary with real experience? How many have started up and ran a successful business in the real world? How many have had to find solution for everday problems facing a club or a cricket association? 

How many with that type of experience are being elected or employed by those we elect to office? I say that figure is closer to "zero" and certainly no where near what's required.

And this will not change unless States unite and elect quality cricket people to represent the game. People who will listen to Volunteers not remove them from the game. And most importntly we need leaders prepared to take on CA to restructure its Board replacing it with a representative mix of quality cricket people.

Perhaps it is time to involve the Australian Cricketers Association (ACA)... Collectively the game has a wealth of untapped experience and cricket knowledge (Men and Women all with a common bond Cricket). I am sure under quality leadership, we (because I am one of them) as a group could be encouraged to become involved to correct poor judgement decisions of the past and point the game it in the right direction.

Take Victoria... can any in that State be satisfied the programs are working with so many players recruited from outside the system?

I have said it many times... "winning shield with imports is only window dressing", it fails to address any of the real issues facing the game. 

I am so pleased the first step are being taken to address the need for change and it is being lead not by me but rightfully the founding members of Victorian cricket and they as I type... they're out every night talking to Cricket People recruiting support in an attempt to remove a very poor CEO and Board.


They have until Monday the 28th of August and if succesfully the game will have a CA member State prepared stand up the Governing Body and gain the necessary support of other State members to entice Directors to cross the floor to restructure the current voting system so that it reflects "proper custodianship".


We hear this word "transparency" a lot... If this can be achieved then I see no reason why the ACA could not be encouraged to be more representative of past players and in turn take up a three seats at CA's Boardroom table... There should never be any reason now for relating to player salaries now that we have settled the component value of the product that CA must sell to generate income for the game.

This would create a situation from where the game is truly representative... Reflective of ALL in the game and it's issues. 

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