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Posted on 26 September, 2017 at 1:40

Over recent times I've found myself asking this question... is Mens Cricket being highjacked by safe space snow flakes who are unable to face the hard truth or the reality cricket can dish out to all who play it?


It seems to me that one sector of the Cricket Community is trying to close down any conversation or debate the game might throw up from time to time and if anyone outside their domain has an opinion that they do not agree with... they attack and ridicule them for expressing it.


I was astounded to read comments directed at Patrick Smith a Journalist for the Australian newspaper last week following the opinion he offered on Women's Cricket, see below:

Australian Women’s Cricketer "Alyssa Healy" was so disgruntled she then followed up with an article that was immediately published on the "cricket.com" website. see the link below:


Wow!!! Did you happen to notice that she is being ranked, The Number One Wicket Keeper in Australia?

Who wrote this Malcolm Conn???!!!

PATRICK SMITH was a terrific fast bowler for the Prahran Cricket Club and a member of the Victorian State Squad. During his playing days he worked hard on his career as a journalist and today, he is very respected in both the print and radio mediums. And I’ll let you all into a secret... I concur with his thoughts, as do many other experienced cricketers, coaches and cricket experts.


The hash but real truth is that, if you are going to play the game of cricket, you have to learn to deal with opinions, ideas, criticism and analysis from all sections of the game, whether it is from the opposition team on the field, their supporters on the boundary, past players or commentators like me. It is part and parcel of cricket and it is from this, that we learn so much about ourselves and others.


Having read Alyssa's article, I firstly tried to think back over my time to remember if I'd ever seen "sporting identities" of any kind consciously sitting around in their underwear on TV drinking beer. I do however remember as a young man growing up, the very inspirational women of Australian sport... household names in fact: Betty Cuthbert, Dawn Fraser, Margaret Smith (Court), Evvone Goolagong (Cawley), Heather McKay, Shane Gould, Raylene Boyle, era's of triumphant Australian Netball teams and Womens Hockey teams the list goes on... To say there was no avenue to Elite Levels seems disrespectful to all those Australian Sporting Women, either as individuals or as representatives of team sport.

Alyssa, I can tell you that there have been many Australian Women who have successfully competed at the "ELITE LEVELS" of their sport on the world stage and they didn't need TV to inspire them. And for goodness sake... Women’s Cricket has been played throughout Australia for more than 100 years and you might like to ask yourself this question. If Women's Cricket is so successful, as everyone associated with it is trying to force down our throats... how come it is relying on the Men’s game to fund it? 

All Cricket Teams in Australia have "Wicket Keepers" and many of these "Glovemen" are playing at a levels far more testing and competitive in standard than Australia's No 1 Women's "Wicket Keeper" and none of them go around throwing the term "Elite" all over the place...  one would need to be the best of the best and Womens Cricket has a long way to go before anyone playing it can be measured by that standard.

It seems some are attempting to "jump the cue" to highjack the sporting "Spot Light".

How about we show some respect not only to other sporting codes, successful in their own right, but to all the other "Woman in Sport" competing on the world stage with little recognition. It might also be worth considering the many Junior pathway cricketers who are far better at cricket than any Woman in the game and these young sports people receive little or no recognition or the profile in the game, whilst some with less talent are being called champions of the sport... how does that work?

Women’s Cricket needs to be a success story and until then it's players need to be humble. They must accept constructive critisim and deal with it like everyone else has too. The public don't want to be told they like it when there seems to be issues holding the Women's section of the game back. I have given it great thought, searching for ways to solve the problems I can see. Such as, will the Women's style of game appeal to the traditional cricket fan or will they come in the numbers needed to make the game sustainable and pay to watch it? If not why not? 

The most pressing issue for Women's Cricket in my mind, is to find ways to equalize the competition between Bat and Ball.These are questions being asking in the Mens Game where the bats sizes have been reduced. These issues need to be addressed because the game may never stand on its own or attract the support it really needs and it cannot be carried by the Men forever.


In my opinion the first thing we must do is shorten the pitch. Bowlers must be brought into the game. At present the game is totally one sided and unfair for any young women lacking in bowling strength whichs means they're severely disadvantaged. A shorter pitch will make up for the lack of strength and pace, evening the contest between bat and ball, adding greater intrigue to the style of play... it is certainly worth considering.


I'd also like to see a genuine profit and loss statement... detailing the ICC Women's World Cup so that we can be more informed. Being able to make a more reasoned judgement would help all in the game and without all the creative accounting measures used to make Cricket Australia promotors look good... for example sell out crowds at Alan Border Field which holds a massive 6300 people. Let us see where Women's Cricket is truly at... where the money has been spent, where it came from and how much of it came in from TV rights, numbers through the gates by paying customers and in particular... how much did it cost to put the game on at Lords and whether the gate takings covered costs???

So before everyone takes "a fence and a picket" to the commentators... take some time to think about it, I think you'll find that they are are all on the same side.

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Reply Neil Vorbach
0:31 on 28 September, 2017 
Totally agree with you Mad Dog, great article.