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Being Defamed by Pretenders on Facebook

Posted on 15 October, 2020 at 17:55

If you've never had an idea for yourself but desire acknowledgement then you can always use plagerism as expertise. It is very common theses days.

Take Lucas Williams, for example; a 28 year old, who lives in a Melbourne suburb named after the love interest in C.J. Dennis's "Sentimental Bloke" (Doreen). I have never met Williams and if it hadn't been for the name Doreen, I would never have remembered him asking if I could supply him my English Willow. He wasn't an accredited Bat Maker and didn't want to complete our accreditation course so I refused him supply. Williams claims he trained under Lachlan Fisher (who started out making "Straight Six" Bats).

A few weeks ago Williams decided to defame the willow I grow, (A bit strange, since he's never used it and especially since it was only a short time ago that he was asking after it). So I thought I should find out more about this bloke. 

On Facebook, Williams says he's the founder of a bat company called "Williams & Co". ASIC has a listing for "Williams & Co Cricket P/L but strangely doesn't provide any information on the company. No ABN, Directors or an Address for that company which seems unusual.  As for his playing involvement; Mycricket, credits him with a 40 games career.

Expert in the industry; I don't think so, a "loose cannon" with zero credability portrarying himself as the experts. Yes, that is what I think.

One of the reasons I run the Bat Courses is to put the Bat Makers on the same page, so that there is no misinformation spread and that each of the bat Makers undertsand that they are all working together to pioneer the industry. From me they learn about the timber, where its grown, how its grown and of its history.

For those who don't understand most spies of willows have been banned under environmental regulations; put simply you are not allowed to plant it... its classified as a noxious weed and the Government has spent a great deal of money removing the many spies from our waterways.

WillowBlue English Willow on the other hand has been planted out under "Planting Permits" which include environment guidelines and procedures must be meet.

My product is being used all over the world... for instance, a few years ago I was supplying Beat all Sports in India (BAS). It was the first time English Willow had been exported to India from Australia and the ABC ran a story interviewing the now late, Romesh Kohli a well respected businessman and founder of the business. Romesh claimed WillowBlue English Willow to be the best cricket bat willow in the world live to world on TV. Romesh asked me to make a half a dozen bats at a particular weight for the great Indian Test Batsman with the same name.

Romesh's explained to me that his company was the maker of MRF Bats and Virhat Kohli was in need of new blades. A few months later he called me; he was so excited to tell me that his name sake had made two Test Double centuries using one of my bats. I asked him if he knew that he was using my willow? "No I didn't tell him, he just picked them out", he said.

I have noted that Lucas Wiilliams is also a friend of another who has disappointed me recently:Edward "Cheeks" Brown

It was roughly 7 years ago that the former Melbourne Cricketer Edward Brown came to me interested in becoming a cricket bat willow grower. He purchased sets and planted them out.

He then wanted to learn more about the industry and asked if he could help me out when I was harvesting and processes our willow.

A few years later he asked if there was any way for him to become a partner in my business.

Nearing retirement age it pleased me to find someone interested in carrying the industry on.

Brown procrastinated for a number of years and then in September 2019; he committed himself to buy an equal share of my business. It was on or about January 2020 that we agreed to terms that would take effect July 1st 2020. This included an option to buy me out within 5 years.

Whilst this was good news, a great deal of work was now required to facilitate Edward’s involvement: And

For Associates involved with me in the WillowBlue Trust it meant they had to decide their future by way of accepting an offer to close down the Trust: And

There were many other critical issues that needed to be addressed. For example the change over of the Cricket Bat Willow Plantation lease. Teaching Brown how to make bats, fell process and dry the timber.

Brown’s decision had set in motion a sequence of events that cost me a great deal of money; For example at my age I was not sure I wanted to commit to a new lease. But I would have to do this to accommodate Brown and this was going to cost me $14,000 pursuant the Plantation Permits needed for the business.

There were other issues of course; such as another premises for the business. So Brown and I began investigating the idea of building a suitable premises on at the Plantation.

All this work takes time and costs money and guess who was paying for it all.

Then in February 2020 Brown balked me; informing me that the sale of his business interests with his brother had fallen through and that he wouldn’t be in a position to find the funds to buy into the business; so he offered vendor terms. He agreed to $50,000 deposit July 1st and the balance over several years.

Brown convinced me he was genuine as he began preparing a tree felling timeline.

This included the purchase of a number of trees a woman had felled. She had approached me asking if I could buy them. So Brown borrowed my trailer picked up and paid for the trees, saying the payment was a contribution to his share issue.

Brown dropped the logs off at my house at Healesville. I unloaded them from the trailer and placed them in the backyard. Over the next month or so Brown cut all but two of the trunks into rounds split them and left them for me to paint and process.

In June Brown balked me for the last time; I asked him how his deposit was going? He informed me that neither his Bank nor his father would loan him money he needed for his deposit. 

“Well you had your chance, that’s the end of that”, I said.

On the 29th of July Brown contact me saying he wanted to recoup the funds he paid out for the Willow, telling me he’d picked up his timber and that he’d be around to pick them up.

It is now October 8 and Brown has made no arrangements to collect his clefts. They remain in the back yard (Here’s photos of them below; where they were split and how they are now).

Brown had been on Facebook spreading false and misleading information to defame me and my business. Commenting on posts of WillowBlue Bat Makers that it’s his willow and that I have stolen it from him.

Well, Edward Brown; now you can complain because I am going process and sell that timber in lieu of my costs.

So to all WillowBlue Bat Makers, your friends and followers I apologise for getting involved with this man... I dodged a bullet that’s for sure.

If he trolls you and comments please screen shot his comments, text them to me for my record and then block him.

Pictured; Edward "Cheeks" Brown in his WillowBlue Shirt and the willow trunks still there where he split them and left them for me to process.


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