"WillowBlue"... it's Australian for "English Willow" 

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The Red Fox


Hand crafted or customed from grade 2 WillowBlue English Willow. We have a WillowBlue Accredited Bat Maker in your local community who can make the "FoX" for you... he is trained and recommended by Ian Callen us or you can have Ian make the bat for you.

Either way you will be provided with the expertise of a skilled craftsman and personal friendly service.

The Red Fox has a slightly concave back, majestic profile with stylish lines to compliment best pick up.

Bat weight range stats at 2Ib 8oz up to 2Ib 12oz... but it will be the pick up weight that we think you'll be astounded with.


Please tell your requirements. For example...your weight preference, oval or round handle, Long or short handle, long blade or standard

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