Growing Cricket Bats in Australia

The Callen MacLaren K9 "Woof"

$475.00 $575.00

The second bat in the range. The K9 has a long tradition and has been the customers favourite over 35 years.

The K-9 has a hollowed centre which reduces weight but allows huge for a larger sweat spot to increase hitting distance.

Senior Cricket Bat

Grade 2 Willow English Willow


Individually hand crafted by master craftsman Ian Callen. The K9 is a Legend of the game in its own right. Ian gives his bats unsurpassed full profile and each bat will 'pick itself up'

SWEET SPOT POSITION = Mid: There can never be a sweet spot too high or too low!

This setup provides performance both straight and square of the wicket, while allowing players to be confident with an array of shots. 

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