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On line Bat Making Accreditation Course


We are no longer running 5 day bat courses.

Courses will now be completed on line from our Vimeo site starting in August.

Each lesson has been filmed and uploaded. You can play it back or return to it at any time over a six month period. Each lesson will be there to reinforce your learning. You can complete the course without pressure or interuption.

In each video lesson, Ian walks you through the bat making process introducing  you to the tools of trade, teaching you how to sharpen, care for them and how to use them so that you can develop correct techniques and disciplines.

He will introduce you to the timber where you will learn how they are grown, the characteristics including the grading of them. 

Once you have sharpened your tools you will be shown how to process ready the handle for fitting and glue the handle to fit.

You will be shown you how to design and shape the bat through to the balancing and finishing of it all by hand. No CNC machines, Spindle Moulders or Copy Lathes

With Ian's guidance you will make two bats AND APPLY FOR ACCREDITION. At all times you will be able to ask quesstions of Ian via email or facetime.

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