"Willow Blue" its Australian for English Willow 


Become a WillowBlue Bat Maker (5 day Bat Making Accreditation Course)


The cost of the course includes accomatation at the RACV Club at Healesville for the 5 nights, arriving Sunday leaving Friday afternoon. (9-5 each day) also included in the price of the course as is your first 10 Willow Blue English Willow Clefts. Lunch will be provided each day. 

If you would prefer; you might like to do the course over two or three weeks; this can be discussed.

Normally the course will start on a Monday morning where you'll work very closely with Ian Callen over the duration of the course. Ian will walk you through his WillowBlue Cricket Bat Willow Plantation explaining the growing and nurturing of the Cricket Bat.

He will introduced you to the tools of trade, teach you how to sharpen and care for them.

He will introduce you to the timber and the grading of them.

Once you sharpened your tools you will learn how to use them. You will be shown how to process the timber to ready the blade for the handle. Learning how to splice the blade and glue the handle to fit.

Ian will show you how to design and shape the bat through to the balancing and finishing of it all by hand. No CNC machines, Spindle Moulders or Copy Lathes

With Ian's guidance you will make two bats, complete a bat repair course, learning every step to finish your bat or repair by hand before accreditiation.

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